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Web Design and Social Media Marketing Management for Small Business & Non-Profits


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My Portfolio Page displays current and completed Website Design Projects.  This window allows you to peek over my shoulder and preview the work in progress of My Current Web Design Projects.  Since this window is constantly changing, I encourage you to come back often.



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Our Mission

Deo Volente Design specializes in providing Small Business Owners the resources necessary to create a competitive Web presence in today’s market place. We also recognize the value of achieving that end on a Small Business Budget.


Website Design

Designing a successful website requires more than just putting words and pictures on a page. Your website is your resume to potential customers, a marketing vehicle for your business. It must look good, and equally important, it must be easy to find and navigate by people searching for your goods and services.  Deo Volente creates Small Business Websites that are not only affordable, beautiful and professional looking, but are optimized with the rich keyword text that today's search engines require.

Your website needs to effectively deliver your message. To accomplish this we create an in-depth business profile with you to learn about your business and your target market.  We perform a competitive benchmark analysis to understand your competition and identify and target your competitive advantages. We work with you to write marketing copy that will quickly and clearly explain to your prospects the benefits and value that they can expect to receive. This will enable us to create an attractive web site that compels future customers to contact you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A well constructed website is friendly to search engines that can read and index them optimally.  This increases web visitor counts by ranking the site high in search results.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a discipline that increases traffic to your website.

Picking powerful keywords and keyword phrases is critical to customers finding your site.  This requires full keyword analysis to find out what people are searching for when trying to find your business.

Architecting keyword text into page structure hierarchy is an essential element of optimization.  This increases the success rate of your business showing up on potential customer search results.

Keywords in internal links help searchbots find other pages on your website and tells the search engines about the page containing the links.  All pages should be part of a link into and out of navigation structure that leaves no orphan pages..

 Inbound Links

Inbound links from other sites increase a search engines ability to determine if your site is a good match for a search.  Searchbots travel around the Web following links.  The more  links pointing to your sites pages, the more valuable the search engines will believe your site to be.  External links can  bring potential clients to your site as well.

Social Media

Social Media


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